Author: Careplant Sarl

A new insecticide-Acaricide has just been registered on tomato and apple trees

CARE PLANT SARL will soon launch a new insecticide-acaricide on the Moroccan market. ABACARE is registered again

Diamonzole : NEW FUNGICIDE

Registration of DIAMONZOLE (250 g / l of Difenoconazole) CARE PLANT has just received registration for Diamonzol


CUPROCARE 50% WP: Blue Copper Oxychloride. Effective in protecting fruits and vegetables, copper oxychloride is

Launch of CUPROCARE a new Fungicide

CUPROCARE is a fungicide based on copper oxychloride, specially designed for application on: citrus fruits, frui

Our Visit To International Exhibition CAC 2019 Shanghai

International Exhibition CAC 2019 Shanghai March 5, was the first day of the 20th china international  Agrochem

New partnership with the American supplier “STOLLER”

  As part of its ongoing development program to commercialize high-quality products in partnership with reputab

Red watermelon festival

CARE PLANT participated in the 10th edition of the annual festival of red watermelon from 25 to 27 July under th

How Viruses Attack Plants?

Viruses are incapable of reproducing without the help of a host, whose cells copy their genetic material and fab

Improve the quality of citrus fruits by foliar application of potassium fertilizers.

  Foliar fertilization has beneficial effects on the quality, size, appearance, and taste of citrus fruits.

Calcium Foliar Fertilizer to treat and prevent Citrus Bark Bursting

The bursting of citrus fruit causes great losses for the farmers. This disease, which has no microbial cause, ca
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