CARE PLANT Continues to Invest, Through the Construction of a Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturing at the Industrial Zone of Meknes

Among the most targeted sectors in the new agricultural program is the saving of water. This results to the adoption or potentiation of appropriate irrigation techniques (localized irrigation). In terms of fertilization this will result to the use of special fertilizers that adapts to this new system, that is fertilizers 100% soluble in water (Water soluble with less than 0.5% of residues and fertilizer liquid or foliar).

About liquid or foliar fertilizers, Morocco imports the majority of these products. Investments oriented towards the development of these products are weak and very few Moroccan companies produce these products. Faced with this need, Care Plant is launching the start of work for the construction of its own formulation unit. This project covers an area of about 1000 m2 at the AGROPOLIS industrial zone of Meknes. The factory will be equipped with the latest technologies for the formulation of last generation of liquid fertilizers. An analytical laboratory for quality control, raw materials and finished products is also approved and provided in this project.

The main goal of Care Plant is to be one of the pioneers nationally to design and formulate special liquid and foliar fertilizers.

The Care Plant factory is a response to the new concerns and demands of today’s agriculture. Indeed, these latter influences the development of new trends in agriculture. Sustainable agriculture,  finished products that are natural and environmentally friendly have become, among the main agricultural production conditions. The accomplishment of Care Plant will be considered among the first companies of the African continent developed and manufactured the latest generation products

The completion of Care Plant will be considered among the first companies of the African continent developed and manufactured products of last generation.

Other main goals of this project are:

  • Participate in the development of Moroccan agriculture by offering a complete and varied range of liquid or foliar fertilizers.
  • Design, develop and manufacture formulas according to our local constraints.
  • Minimize imports of such products and reduce the resulting costs.
  • Accompany the big step of the government concerning the progression and value of Moroccan agriculture (The Green Morocco Plan).
  • Being among the first companies of the African continent to produce this kind of product and special formulas.
  • Develop our own know-how in the field of fertilization and plant protection.
  • The project also aims to export its products internationally.
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