Diamonzole : NEW FUNGICIDE

Registration of DIAMONZOLE (250 g / l of Difenoconazole)

CARE PLANT has just received registration for Diamonzole ® fungicide on tomato. Composed of 250 g / l of Difenoconazole, it benefits from a systemic mode of action and thus enables preventive and curative control against resistant strains of Alternaria.

Characteristic of the active ingredient

It is a broad-spectrum fungicide used for disease control in many fruits, vegetables, grains and other field crops.

It has preventive and curative action, It is absorbed through the surface of the infected plant and is transferred to all parts of the plant.

Mode of action

The mode of action of difenoconazole is that it is an inhibitor of the demethylation of sterols which want the development of the fungus

by inhibiting the biosynthesis of ergosterol in the cell membrane.

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