New partnership with the American supplier “STOLLER”


As part of its ongoing development program to commercialize high-quality products in partnership with reputable, internationally recognized suppliers; Care Plant has signed the exclusive agreement to import and sale  STOLLER products in Morocco.

STOLLER is an American company specializing in plant physiology and crop development and plant nutrition. The importance of its products lies in the understanding of the hormonal plant’s balance and its effect on the cultures growth stages, the impact of the hormonal activity on plant development and productivity.

The innovative range exclusively imported and commercialized by CARE PLANT includes products that act on plant vegetal physiology, rich in phytohormones and essential elements that ensure optimal development, healthy and without lacks:

POWER Ca increases the production of natural cytokinin by roots.

BUD FEED allows high-quality germination.

BIO HOLD regulates the ripening process.

CELL STAR improves the quality flowering and pollen fertility.

FAST SWEET improves fruiting and fruit ripening.

SET allows healthy fruit and development without calcium deficiency.

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