Our Visit To International Exhibition CAC 2019 Shanghai

International Exhibition CAC 2019 Shanghai

March 5, was the first day of the 20th china international  Agrochemical and crop protection exhibition ( CAC 2019), the 20th china international agrochemical and crop protection equipment exhibition (CACE2019) and the 10th china international new fertilizer exhibition (FSHOW 2019) that were held at the same time. The number and scale exhibition enterprises reached 1475 enterprises from  all over  the world, 166 oversea enterprises from more than 30 countries such as United Arab Emirate, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Korea, Canada, united state, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Singapore, New Zealand, India, UK, Vietnam, and others participated in this international event. The exhibitions occupied 9 full halls and established the trade, communication and exchange platform involving pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, beyond-agriculture, production & packaging equipment, crop protection equipment, logistics, consultancy, laboratories, and supportive services.

Our visit was an opportunity for us to meet and interact with business partners, suppliers, agents, and customers, and to discover what’s new in the agriculture industry. It is also an occasion to met our partners face-to-face to strengthen and develop our relationships.

So, thank you to everyone we have met, thank you for the hospitality and the kindness.

Thank you to Mr. RACHID DERDARI for his support, expertise, and professionalism.






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