Potassium and Magnesium Fertilizers to Improve Color and Tomatoes Maturity.

Fertilization, especially potassium and magnesium, plays an important role in obtaining beautiful tomatoes with an intense and even color.




Potassium is an essential element for growing tomatoes. It improves the synthesis of Lycopene and therefore its concentration in tomatoes. Indeed, the potassium deficiency gives soft, hollow fruits,and of irregular size, badly colored and showing a symptom of marbling. High potassium levels lead to an increase in lycopene synthesis. Potassium concentration affected lycopene levels, which a as indicators of tomato colorand quality. It is therefore possible and feasible to produce high quality tomato using high potassiumfertilizer.





Magnesium plays a role in the homogeneity of ripening and fruit formation. Sufficient intake reduces the percentage of tomatoes with maturation defects such as yellow or green stains, and abnormal shape, etc. Magnesium is particularly important for the homogeneity of ripening and the correct fruit formation.

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