Red watermelon festival

CARE PLANT participated in the 10th edition of the annual festival of red watermelon from 25 to 27 July under the theme “Valorisation of the red watermelon at the service of agricultural development”

This edition was organized by “Nalsya Foundation for Development, Environment and Social Action” in collaboration with the company involved in the field of production of red watermelon.

The program of this festival included visits to the production farms of red watermelon in the region of Menasra and Souk El Had Ouled Jalloul, and sensitization workshops for the benefit of farmers, citizens and civil society as well as exhibitions technical of the latest technologies in the field of agriculture which serve for the valorization and the improvement of the red watermelon culture.

The festival was an opportunity to educate farmers about the right choice of variety, fertilizers and effective pesticides that respect the environment and ensure a good yield in quantity and quality..




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